Saturday, December 27, 2008

Still Learning :/

Happy Holidays, all my readers ( I think 2 now, lol). I am still so new at this but it is my New Years Resolution to work on blogging. I hear so much about it and envy the time you all spend on yours, and how nice it is to read them. I wanted to share some pics of my favorite holiday display I have in my home. It is full of vintage Christmas and non Christmas items, all which I absolutely love. Hope you enjoy it, and have a Happy New Year everyone.


Kathy said...

I love it, looks like something from my house. lol
I am so happy to be your first comment! I hope that your blog is as great for you as mine is for me, I have met some wonderful people, who are now my friends. Have fun...I am following you!

PCarriker said...

So beautiful! With the whole blogging thing, you will be amazed if you just stick with it, how it will grow. Both on you and with you. Your fireplace looks so pretty and cozy:-)


Great collection....and your blog's off to a great will get addicted :)

Happy New Year to you too !!!

Loudlife said...

It looks fabulous! Your display is just gorgeous! Don't be nervous, be you! I'm always messing up my blogging, putting things on the wrong day, skipping it for a month a more - it's fine. It's yours, you can do what you want.

Also, to delete that photo - sign in to get to the "dashboard" - then choose "edit posts" - then click on the pic you don't want - you'll see a faint box around it - hit your "delete" button - then click on "publish post." All done!


ArtSnark said...

Looks great! Look forward to reading more :-)

Karen Mowrey said...

I love it, very vintage...does not get much better than vintage! I also love your wall? behind everything. Is it embossed paper or those tin tiles??? whatever it is, very beautiful!

Merry "bee-lated" Christmas and Happy Creative New Year. Can not wait to see how your year progesses here!

Karen Mowrey said...

Thanks for the info on the embossed wallpaper. Our walls are so bad and our living room is still half ripped down wallpaper from last March! I have just not decided what to do with them yet. Rough/uneven is the only type of walls we have, the big old farm house is over 160 years old and there is horse hair in the plaster!