Sunday, April 18, 2010

~~~ Something New Out of Something(s) Old~~~

Have you ever had  a mental vision of a project, and when it came to starting the project, nothing went right?  That's how it started when I began making this chippy room dividing screen out of shabby old doors.  I wanted one to take to my art shows as a display piece, and use it at home for a photo prop for my Etsy shop items. I couldn't get it to look "just right",  I spent more money on the elements than I had planned,  and it caused a few curse words I must admit!  But now that it is finished, I love it even more than I had anticipated, and am glad I persevered.  Made of old doors, rusty hinges,  a vintage looking chalkboard, (my little girl wrote out the welcome sign) antique doorknobs, rusty hooks and finials, an old wire basket,  an old hat rack and last but not least, cute little metal letters that spell out my "name".  My friend Marie of SantAngeloDesigns on Etsy sent me these letters a couple of months back and I have waited for just the right use for them.  Thanks again,  Marie.  You made my shabby old dividing screen cuter than I had even envisioned!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~~~Antique Shopping Jackpot!~~~

On a perfectly wonderful Spring day, my friend Amy and I took off for a day of antiquing.  I have been finding a few great deals lately and today was no exception.  I wanted to show off my finds! 
I have a project in mind with old silverware. I love that tarnished aged patina!  I found a lot of 21 mixed pieces for $7.

This was probably once  somekind of a tool box. The original paint and aged look is perfect for either an assemblage or shadowbox.  $4!!

This vintage wall cubby is going to either be a cute storage shelf in my daughter's room for her Webkinz, or I might use it for display at shows.  It measures 32 inches long. $12!!

I found some other outstanding deals that I had a hard time passing up.  I am finding that antiques are so afffordable right now. I have no idea why anyone would want to purchase anything new!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Me?

Yesterday a huge bolt of lightning zapped our phone line.  It may be 3 more days before it is repaired. This morning, we lost power for no apparent reason. An hour later, the power was restored ( still no phone), but the Direct TV satellite dish is not getting signal. Although our bedroom tv works, the family room one is "searching for signal".  I have neglected blogging lately so I logged into my blog, and began visiting my favorite blogs, but when I try and leave a comment, I get an error message I have never seen before.  When I try and go to Google Blogger help, it sends me to a help forum where all I see is other frustrated people posting about problems they are having. NO where is there a number to speak to a live person for help, and NO one from Google Support has bothered to commment on any of the problem topics going on.  There are several people commenting there on the same error code I am getting, but no answers!

This has been one frustrating week and it is only Wednesday!  If anyone has ever gotten an error code

(bX-fh6cn9) when trying to make comments at blogs, what did you do? How was it remedied?  Please help!  And forgive my venting!!  I am sorely neglecting blogging and visiting my favorites, but this time it is not even my fault!