Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Theme Thursday Challenge

Wow, it has been ages since I have participated in an art challenge, and I just happened to remember tomorrow is Thursday, AHA!! Theme Thursday challenge is up! The theme this week is "favorite colors". That one could easily change daily for me. Lately however I have really been into the blues, especially for the holidays approaching. Here is my blue piece, the cover of an altered Christmas book I have just completed.


From top center, working clockwise These amazing tags were created by Pat , Nancy , Barb ,

Working from upper left, clockwise, please visit these talented artists ... Kathy, Kim , Barb, Aimee and Tamara.
Several weeks ago I was asked to help out with organizing a Christmas tag swap, with my good online friend Pat of TheWhytePaper, and just about an hour ago I went to the mailbox only to find the tags I was given in exchange for making 9 tags for others. I have to say, I couldn't pick a favorite one. All of them are wonderful miniature works of Christmas art! It will have to be a pretty special gift for a pretty special person before I can ever attach any of these beauties to packages to give away! Please take a few minutes to visit their blogs and shops. You will not be sorry!

Monday, October 26, 2009

~~Mother Nature at her Finest~~

Recently I snapped a few pictures at the location in upper Michigan where our family cabin is. It is a spectacular view any time of year, but the colors on this particular weekend were outstanding. Something I could never get tired of looking at, not in a million years. Since these photos were taken 2 weeks ago, the colors have faded now, making room for ice and snow and cold ; meaning more white in the scene than any colors this vivid. I've always intended on taking photos of the same location, every month or so just to record the changes Mother Nature makes. Maybe that will be my New Years Resolution.

Friday, October 23, 2009

~~Autumn Is Upon Us~~

Time this Fall has flown by, and after spending the last 2 months getting ready for art shows and stocking my Etsy shop ready with Halloween goods,, I am a little "over" the whole holiday right now! The weather this past month has felt more like winter, anyway! Thanksgiving is usually a little overlooked in our household, making room for Halloween and Christmas on both ends. Apple picking with family, choosing just the right pumpkin on a crisp fall day, and family get-togethers at our cabin are all things I am thankful for. Food for thought..... "Count your blessings, not your troubles".