Monday, June 20, 2011

~~New Haul on Old Rusty Treasures~~

Score!!   I love anything old worn and rusty. Perfect for assemblages,jewelry, mixed media and altered art. Found at an out of the way antique store I picked up a lot of perhaps 100 pieces of wonderfully patinaed furniture and architectural hardware for a mere $15!!!  I am selling some of it at my Etsy supplies shop HERE and will be keeping some myself for future art endeavors still bouncing around in my head.  If you love old rusty hardware as much as I do,  this is a blog readers special I am offering,  20% off any of the several lots I just listed this morning.  Please mention in your check out that you found this offer in my blog, and I will promptly refund your 20%  through Paypal.  Many uses for these oldies~~

Monday, June 13, 2011

~~Peacock Park Design Haul~~

             ~~~~This amazing and large conservatory was only $12~~~~

 I fell in love with the colors in this large finial, and bought several items in the same design theme. $7 !!

         ~~~ This weathered birdhouse was a steal as well ~~~
 Another large finial in that same amazing mixture of turquoise and brown  $ 5 !!
                    ~~~Cute galvanized bucket  $ 1~~~
A large selection of old looking frames to do some artwork in $2 and $3 a piece.  Can't go wrong with that! 
For years my favorite "antique" store, "Peacock Antiques" was just miles from my house. Sometime ago they closed the store which was open for non-wholesale and my life has not been the same since!  Architectural antiques and finds, amazing reproductions that are sometimes hard to tell from a true antique, garden statuary, and goods for the home filled this one of a kind shop.  Recently however, they announced a warehouse sale open to the public and for weeks I was filled with anticipation on what I might find. I was not disappointed.  The prices were as amazing as the items themselves. I was like a kid in a candy store.  I am talking Christmas morning excited!!  Above are a few of my finds,  only a sampling, actually.  I am already counting the days until the next warehouse sale!