Monday, April 27, 2009

I love Halloween. And I love collecting vintage Halloween objects year round. When I was asked to come up with a vintage Halloween theme for a workshop I am teaching this fall, I was thrilled to experiment with shadow boxes, which always catch my eye. Here you have 2 examples of what can be done with an unfinished wooden shadow box and a few simple elements. Each student will come up with a different look as I will have choices galore of paper, embellishements, stamps, ephemera, etc. Any feedback always welcome!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Huge Thank-You

I know I keep saying this, but I keep on meeting people through a group of talented, warm, witty, caring and amazing artists, and one of them recently asked me for an interview to put at our group blog ( I never cease to be amazed at how supportive this group of people can be and when Jodi Ohl of , approached me, I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you Jodi, and to all of the amazing people at our Melange Team who have helped each other learn and be inspired by one another.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nancy Lefko, the "CollageArtGirl"

One of my favorite artists I have met through Etsy, is Nancy Lefko, or "collageartgirl". I not only love her form of art, but I enjoy her as a person, as she is always so positive and interested in what others are accomplishing. We are fellow members of our new Etsy Steet Team, Melange. Please check out our link to the right of here to be taken to a world of enchanting art by fascinating artists! Here is an interview Nancy allowed me to write, and I thank her for her time!

When did you discover Etsy as an avenue for selling? Where did you sell your items before you discovered Etsy?
When I first became interested in collage, I read the books by Claudine Hellmuth; that led me to her website, which led me to her Etsy shop. It was some time later that I actually starting selling my work there. Before Etsy, I sold at "the other E-place" and for awhile that worked out well for me. But soon I saw the sales fall off and the continual re-listing grew old.

What is the technique you are most proud of accomplishing?
I cannot claim ownership of any of my "techniques" but I am pleased that I manage to create backgrounds for my collages that have interest in and of themselves. As so many of my pieces utilize vintage photographic images as the focal point, I am always amused when I receive a positive comment about the image itself; almost as if I deserve credit for it. I know full well that I do not. However, comments that praise my backgrounds or the composition of the piece are those that mean the most to me.

What do you feel your biggest weekness as an artist is?
I am somewhat hesitant to try new techniques. Oftentimes, a technique that interests me seems daunting and I tend to stay in a safe zone. I wish I were a little bolder and tried new things without fear of failure.

What has been your most rewarding accomplishment as an artist?
Offering my first online workshop at Creative Workshops has opened up a new venue for me, and as a former teacher, I find the fit quite nice. I love reaching out to other artists and sharing in their journey. I enjoy the camaraderie in the workshop and the sharing of a common interest.

What goals do you have set for yourself, but feel you are struggling to accomplish them?
I know that I am not that proactive in marketing my work. I realize there are opportunities for marketing that I am not taking advantage of, either because I am not driven enough or I have doubts that I'll succeed in that venue. It is an area that I really have to push myself in and my goal is to at least find one new venue this year. Even if that is as small as offering prints of my originals or as bold as participation in an art show/sale.

What goals do you have set for yourself, and feel it is right around the corner?
Having been published once in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine, I continue to pursue publication. I have had a few rejections, but luckily I do not take them personally and feel optimistic about future success in that arena. So, right around the corner? Sure !

What would you like to see accomplished for our Melange Team?
I think that if we at Melange could start a weekly challenge at our blog someday, similar what was offered at Arty Girlz, that would be a wonderful accomplishment.

Please visit Nancy's Etsy shop to view more of her original work!