Friday, December 10, 2010

*~*~* I'm Published!*~*~*~

The editor of a wonderful new magazine,  "Creating Vintage Charm" recently asked if she could include one of my Winter White Christmas Shadowboxes in her November/December issue.  Like anyone,  I heartily accepted, and here it is, the second issue of this inspiring magazine.  She is asking for anyone interested in being published to follow instructions at her site,  which is linked above. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~~Starry Starry White~~

I've discovered some natural batting that I love working with. My favorite color anyway has always been white (and yes I know, it's not really a color!) and winter white for Christmas is something I can't get enough of.  These stars have been selling in my Etsy shop, and I plan on taking some to the holiday shows I am doing. I thought they would look great either filling a silver basket, hanging from a cabinet knob,  part of the wrapping of a special gift, or of course hanging from a tree. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~~Wine Anyone?~

Some fabric wine bags I have been working on lately.... the last style is courtesy of the most amazing shop I discovered at Etsy recently, RedStripeVintage.  She packages up her goods in a pretty white linen bag, which I turned into a wine bag.  Visit her shop for lucsious rhinestone buttons, old laces and trims and buttons and baubles!  And my wine gift bags are available at my Etsy shop

Thursday, November 4, 2010

~~Vintage Charm~~

Years ago I dabbled (quite a bit) in jewelry making. Especially altered jewelry, made from unusual finds, vintage trinkets and interesting aged objects.  Then when everyone and their sister learned how to assemble jewelry, I tired of it and went on to mixed media and collage (hmmm, come to think of it, my mixed media is made of unusual finds, vintage trinkets and interesting aged objects, too!).  Occasionally I still like to dabble a bit, especially if the jewelry is made of old tintypes, sparkley rhinestones and buttons.  Here are a few new "old" pieces I put together for my Etsy shop, and for some local shows I am doing this month. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

~~~Some Halloween Decorating~~~

Some of my favorite Halloween treasures, including a few things I picked up at the most amazing antique/treasure store in New York City this past weekend....

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

~*~*Silver & Gold~*~* For Theme Thursday

I always feel like I am a season ahead of myself.  It's still 2 weeks until Halloween and I am frantically preparing for the (knock on wood) Christmas rush.  Still lots of ideas spinning around  in my head,  but the wintery white Christmas scene shadowboxes can be checked off my list now! All 3  of them together look like a triptych, but I think I will keep them seperate.  Sharing it this week with Theme Thursday , and I was recently contacted by the editor of the new publication Creating Vintage Charm magazine,  asking if it could be included in the marketplace section of the magazine, this November!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Wintertime Sugary White Goodness

Made from a stretched canvas turned backwards, I put together this Christmas shadowbox in a strictly white theme. Jinglebells, glitter stars, printed muslin, lots and lots of lace, snowflake, old buttons and tinsel all make up this wintery looking display.  I will soon be having more of them in my Etsy shop


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~~Visions of Sugarplums~~

Recently I came across one of those deals where you realize later you should have grabbed more.  A junk man's dream surplus store, far out of the way of anything, had a stock pile of brand new large natural burlap bags.  I picked up 6, having no idea what I would do with one, let alone 6 of them.  The minute I drove away I knew I should have grabbed more. At fifty cents each,  what's to lose! I created some "Christmas collage bags" with 2 of them.  Old lace, vintage buttons, glass glitter stars, aged jingle bells, and printed musin galore. I thought they would make either great holiday decor, or a carrying bag to take gifts to Gramma's house, or better yet, a perfect gift bag to wrap that special gift up for an old friend. 


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~~Is It Too Early for Snowmen?~~

Why is it that occasionally I have too many ideas rattling around in my head, but never enough time to keep up with them all, or I have no ideas at all to work on?  Lately I've been in the creating mood (which is a good thing), but low on time (which is a bad thing and a bad combination!).  I did manage to squeeze in these little paperclay snowmen for a holiday show I will be doing in November.  Not sure if I will put some at my Etsy shop or not, we shall see!  At any rate, they were fun to make!

Friday, September 3, 2010

~~Art Show Success~~

Each year I have  the pleasure of having a booth at the  Heavenly Scent Herb Farm Summer Faire, and this years was just last weekend. Although the weather was horridly hot, the crowds came out in droves, and even though this economy has changed the way people look at art, the crowds were not afraid to spend some money. My theory is that many people have curbed their big ticket spending (new cars, vacations, etc), but some people still need an occasional  pick-me-up, and where better to get it than at this outstanding art show.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Eerie Creations

Never too early for haunting, when it's the best time of year!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Etsy Supply Shop ~~WhatRemains~~

For your creating needs I have opened a new Etsy shop called What Remains. I am always on the lookout for embellishments and vintage goods for my collage and mixed media work, jewelry, altered items and more. So I have decided to open my shop and specialize in what I like to work with best..... vintage and vintage themed items.  German glass embellishments, distressed and aged charms, velvet ribbon rosettes,  vintage bottles, vintage hardware,  grunged and distressed paper goods and more will always be in stock,  with more to come in the future. I hope you take a look at continue to come back to see what new additions I have for your creating needs!