Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~~Is It Too Early for Snowmen?~~

Why is it that occasionally I have too many ideas rattling around in my head, but never enough time to keep up with them all, or I have no ideas at all to work on?  Lately I've been in the creating mood (which is a good thing), but low on time (which is a bad thing and a bad combination!).  I did manage to squeeze in these little paperclay snowmen for a holiday show I will be doing in November.  Not sure if I will put some at my Etsy shop or not, we shall see!  At any rate, they were fun to make!


Brenda said...

No, It's not too early for snow! or Christmas! I'm driving my family crazy because I'm all ready to dig out Christmas stuff lol
These snowmen are too adorable! I think they will do really well at your show!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Carol. WOW! Everything you've been doing is just great. Glad you had a good show at Heavenly Scent, and I can sure see why! Your booth was outstanding. Keep those creative juices flowing, Dawn

Barb said...

It's never too early for snowmen!
These little guys are adorable!!
Thanks for sharing. Ü
Barb in Texas

ArtSnark said...

these are so charming!