Saturday, April 10, 2010

~~~Antique Shopping Jackpot!~~~

On a perfectly wonderful Spring day, my friend Amy and I took off for a day of antiquing.  I have been finding a few great deals lately and today was no exception.  I wanted to show off my finds! 
I have a project in mind with old silverware. I love that tarnished aged patina!  I found a lot of 21 mixed pieces for $7.

This was probably once  somekind of a tool box. The original paint and aged look is perfect for either an assemblage or shadowbox.  $4!!

This vintage wall cubby is going to either be a cute storage shelf in my daughter's room for her Webkinz, or I might use it for display at shows.  It measures 32 inches long. $12!!

I found some other outstanding deals that I had a hard time passing up.  I am finding that antiques are so afffordable right now. I have no idea why anyone would want to purchase anything new!


ArtSnark said...

fun finds!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What good finds! I can just see that cubby with your great pieces on display! Have a good Sunday, Dawn

whyte said...

I'm jealous! And I love your new blog, I missed the change and haven't visited for awhile, shame on me!

Burlap Luxe said...

You have met my altered needs.
Love your works of art...
Come VISIT my paper and altered art.



Hi Carol, thanks for visiting! And I used to dress up our cat in baby clothes and push him in my carriage....sitting up with his legs through the leg openings...a big, fat red tabby with, apparently, a boat load of patience!! :) Hope you are doing well...from the looks of your blog you are enjoying the Spring so far!

Carole said...

LOVE the doors , Marie!!!!
I took a trip to the thrift shop myself today to drop of some clothes.

I saw the coollest china cabinet...very old..but i want to paint it wjite and distress it....can't wait to purchase it!

i also got some tea cups and a teapot to do a painting I've been dying to do...i just needed the right props

Carole said...

OOPS! I mean . Carol, I LOVE the doors!!! I guess I'm having another blond moment (no offence if you are blond)

Carole G