Monday, January 26, 2009

New Etsy Team.... Etsy Trolls

Only a couple of weeks ago, several Michiganders and I decided to start a new Etsy team, of Michigan artists. It hss had great success and I am amazed at how many people want to be a part of this group! We are now, officially the Etsy Trolls, or Etsy Michigan Trolls. For anyone not from Michigan, a troll is someone who lives below the Mackinaw Bridge. It is a team of talented artists of many styles. We hope to do an occasional craft show, and try and get this Michigan economy rolling again! Please comment and check comments below to see who is part of the team. Yay Trolls!


Ann said...

Great Blog!

I have two stores on Etsy. The Tranquil Dragon is pretty new. It's going to focus on jewelry, small gifts and some art pieces. My other store, Haricot d'Amoureux, is more eclectic and kitschy and has lots of upcycled/recycled stuff.

I really hope the trolls become a successfil team for promoting each other, brainstorminf, problem solving, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am the proprietor of In Cold Storage on Etsy. I specialize in "freezer fresh vintage form the time machine to you." What does that mean? Many of my items are in tip top shape, like they were transported from back in time or were cryogenically frozen from the past. just kidding.

But seriously, I have been a vintage dealer for years and am using the profits to start a new life, bring you more vintage, and start again with my glass art. (not to mention i donate som proceeds to animal charities)

I myself am also in the I just relocated back to my home state of Michigan from the south during the WINTERTIME...bone head that I am.

I have a non vintage related blog at that is occasionally a little zany where I talk about everything kitchen, cooking, and housewares. I will soon be up and running with a seperate, incoldstorage twitter account too.

CB said...

Hey fellow team members!

I am cbspolyworks on etsy ( My shop's title stands for three different things:

CB= initials of my name

Poly= Polymer Clay

Works= As in my creations

Put it together to get "my polymer clay creations" aka cbspolyworks. I specialize in jewelry, decor, and small sculptures. :)

I would really like to see Etsy trolls take off to the point where we do team events. Also would love to see some team members doing craft shows together. I think as a team we should meet up, organize, and support each other.

See you in April for your class QueenBe!

Susan said...

Looking for great jewelry for any occasion? I have pieces that look fabulous with jeans or dress up with your slinkiest evening gown! This is one of my personal favorites and would be perfect for Valentines Day:

I'm so excited about the Trolls team! I'm temporarily stranded in WI but I'm a MI girl through and through -- and I love connecting with "home". I look forward to getting to know everyone!!

JulieAnnA said...

Hey QueenBe!

I'm Julieanna, from Southeast MI.

My etsy shop is
I sell prints, greeting cards, painting picture frames, etc!

I'm hoping to get some networking done with this Michigan Team. I'd really like to get some local shows going as well!

ShaShaAnn said...

Hi QueenBe! Great blog...some day I’ll take a stab at making one too.

My Etsy shop is

My shop is filled with children’s illustrations and paper goods hand made by me. I love old children’s books and even though I’m all grown up now (ha) I have decorated my home with several illustrations from my favorite children’s artists.

My actual name is Marcia Ann but my older (not quite a year older) sister named me ShaSha
when she saw me for the first time. The name has endured (in variations) since.

I’m really excited about the new team. It’s been fun finding so many etsy artists that live nearby. I hope the team can do shows together in the future!

fishprincessdesigns said...

I'm glad to be part of the Etsy Trolls! As a new part of the Etsy community I'm impressed with the wealth of information and the depth of all the talent I see.

I just made my first sale today and I'm soooo excited!

My shop features semi-precious gemstone jewelry. This is one of my favortie pieces:

I'm hoping to use the Etsy team as a place to develop ties to other team members-so we all can be more successful.

Thanks Queenbe for using your blog as a meeting place as we get off the ground!

Your work is wonderful!

Cathy said...

Hi everyone, and thank you QueenBe for all you do! I'm Cathy, from Art a'La Mode. I create gourd birdhouses, and birdfeeders, among other gourd art, do various types of jewelry, and am also a pastel artist. I will be offering prints of my pastels and photography soon at my etsy shop.

Anonymous said...

Your creations are so inspiring! please stop by for One World One Heart Giveaway.

DANIELA said...
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DANIELA said...

Oops, sorry, I deleted my comment by mistake. Nice computer skills I have! Here is the comment again. Good thing that I saved my Word doc. :)

Hello my friends. My name is Daniela or knitscrochetandmore on Etsy. I am new to Etsy, new to our team and I am a fiber addict. I crochet, I knit, I do bargello, I did tapestry and many more.

We moved to Michigan 11 years ago from Europe and we fell in love with the people here and with the surroundings. I am proud to be a Michigander and a Troll as well. It is a very beautiful state with resilient people.

We Michiganders have pretty much everything on our plate (beaches, forests, lakes) and we go through all the seasons. Although on some years it seems that half the year is winter and the other half is summer. :D But what is Christmas without snow?! Make that a lot of snow!

I want for us to grow. Economically and not only. Michigan is not only about automotive. Is warm people with big hearts, is beautiful nature, is good education for our children, is music and soul, is poetry and painting, is talented people with great artistic touch.
For our team I wish we can promote each other and that we grow strong individually and as a team. That we create tones of beautiful things like we already do and that they'll sell very quick. I would like to see some local craft shows put together by us. Some networking, good chatting, brainstorming and great crafty friendships.

My shop has a lot of crochet and knit items right now. I guess because of the weather we have. :D Check me out regularly so you can see all my new additions.

10% of all purchases (not including shipping) in my shop are donated to the Down Syndrome research. This is my way of helping NDSS.

pjturner said...

Wonderful Blog!

Hi! My name is Pam and I have a passion for wood-turning. My favorite wood to turn is cherry burl, found here in Michigan. I got started in wood-turning with my late father-in-law several years ago. I enjoy learning and creating new projects. I have a shop on Etsy, and I also do some crafts shows here in the Traverse City area. I am looking forward to being part of this team and meeting new Michiganders. I hope that the troll team will be very successful.

Kellianne said...

Thanks so much for getting Michigan Trolls together. What an amazing team!
I'm Kellianne and have a newish Etsy shop, FannieAndSprout. My husband and I LOVE dogs and currently the shop is all about dogs. He's an artist and I'm a soapmaker/sewer/crafter, so check back for more items listed.
Looking forward to being part of this awesome team and keeping Michiganders working!
Much love,

snoopy said...
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Debbie said...

QueenBee this blog is just beautiful,music and all. WOW
Hi! I'm Debbie and I have a little shop on ETSY. Want one of those rope plant hangers that were so popular back in the 70's? Well I hear your plea and I have quite a few different styles.
My etsy shop is