Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~~Sharing a Few Images~~

                   Can you see what this man has in his little wagon? 

    Notice this old woman wearing snowshoes, and holding a pistol!

                    This little girl has the sweetest expression on her face

Besides some old ledgers, tiny photo albums, souvenier books, a few poem books and the wonderful ambrotype I featured in the artwork last posting,  my friend Pam handed me a box full of these wonderful images.  Feel free to use any of them !  The box also included a Fourth Grade Reader and a 1908 copy of A Christmas Carol.   I feel so lucky to have a friend who thought of me when she had no use for these things. 


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Carol, how lucky you are to have such a friend! We are having our Spring Hoe Down on Saturday, which is our open house. You won't believe all the great goodies we got at market that will be out! Have a great week - in spite of the oncoming storm. Dawn

artistamyjo said...

OMG, I have that book, think it was my moms. love the photo's thanks for sharing.
hugs, Amy

Queen of Dreamsz said...

That old lady with the pistol is what I call a smart lady. :0) Lots of wildlife out in the winter time hunting food but I have to wonder if she wasn't also protecting herself from certain people??

Love the photo..thanks so sharing it..they are all great!

Stephanie ♥

Robin said...

I can honestly say I've never seen a woman in snow shoes holding a pistol, LOL! These are some great pics....thanks for sharing.


FredaB said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts from a friend. The woman in snowshoes with the pistol is great.
I did copy her as I will use her next winter - have to think of a witty saying to go with her.

Your Victorian assemblage is very good.



Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are all so wonderful Carol! I think that the book and the snowshoe photo is my favorite! Hope you have a Happy Saturday m'dear!