Friday, May 13, 2011

Old Clock Cases and My Unusually Good Fortune~!~

It's not often I stumble across an absolute steal, but this time I did and it has made my day! Err I mean month! Old worn clock cases, in rich beautiful patina just screaming to be created with and put on display as a piece of art, rather than something functional as in it's former life. My mind is racing..... I hope I can latch on to some of these ideas and put them out there before they scatter!


artistamyjo said...

Wow what an awesome find,lucky you!
Hugs, Amy

Evy said...

Which beautiful find these boxes of clock; I like making creations inside!

Happy day

linda said...

You are right, this lace is amazing.
And I like your entry. We were all newbies once, Welcome!