Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~~I Have Bad News and I Have Good News~~

First the bad news:  Am I the only one having problems leaving comments at others' blogs?  For the past month or so, each time I try and leave a comment at my fellow bloggers site,  Blogger keeps telling me to "sign in".  So I do.  Then I get a strange message saying something about cookies being truncated (?) and I am unable to leave the message. So I try it again, and Blogger tells me to "sign in". So I do. Over and over.  Grrrr, frustrating to say the least.  Has anyone experienced this?  Any advice on other blogs I might try and ditch this darn Blogger?

Now the good news!  Creating Vintage Charm  magazine recently published a tutorial of mine in their recent issue, and it came in the mail 2 days ago.  It's outstanding to say the least.  Each issue gets better and better.  For anyone considering submitting a piece to this publication, I urge you to give it a try.  Sonia, the editor is pleasant and freindly and so full of compliments.   Thank you Sonia~

Now on to some more good/exciting news.  10 days from now is the annual  Heavenly Scent Herb Farm Summer Faire which I have had the extreme pleasure of participating in for the last few years.  Where nature abounds in the form of plants and flowers, artistic creations, culinary delights to tease the taste buds, and eye candy galore.  I invite you to attend, Saturday August 27  from 10-5 and Sunday August 28 from 11-5.  Admission is only $2!  I will have many one of a kind assemblages and collages, gift tags,  vintage lace and fabric creations, Halloween delights, , oodles of altered antique apothecary bottles, and so much more.  Don't forget to stop at my QueenBe booth and say "how-DEE"!  By the way,  please feel free to use the image above!!


artistamyjo said...

Not sure if you've posted on my blog but I haven't had anything from you.
I don't have a cure for blogger,have had troubles myself till I down loaded google chrome. Things are working at the moment.
Still hope to get down to see you at heavenly Scent.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Hi Carol
Do you have the little box checked for 'keep me signed in'? - if so, uncheck it and see if this helps. That did the trick for me.

Congrta on being publiched - that´s so good for you and I hope your farm fair will go well.
Have a wonderful weekend.
xo Tina

glimmering prize said...

the sign in thing happens to me sometimes. it's frustrating, i know. good luck with your show!

aimee said...

the same thing was happening to me & unchecking the keep me signed in helped!