Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally! A Studio to Call My Own!

This is reason number one why I have been MIA lately, both from blogging and from the rest of real life.  Now that phase 3 of my art room is finished,  I am jumping back into creating/life with a vengeance!!
     When I managed to get an art corner to myself in our dungeon (basement) it was a huge step up from having to drag boxes and bins out from closets and shelves every time I wanted to create.  But soon the dark, damp, dusty corner in the basement wasn't enough.  Now I can whine no longer, for I have an art room/studio that I have dreamt of for years.  Lately I have found myself walking in there  just look around, in awe of how warm and welcoming it feels!  I hope you like it, too!   *PS  Please stay tuned for a couple of blog giveaways I will be posting next week.  My art corner was becoming so disorganized and crowded, that at times I would rather re-purchase something I KNEW I already had, just to avoid having to search high and low for it in all the clutter!  And now I need to purge and clear out!   

Antique drafting table as my work space. My son painted the bee on the old drafting chair.

           Old light pink armoire has oodles of storage space inside. 

           Ribbon holder, courtesy of hubby.  The room has such severe pitched ceilings I had  to figure out a way to utilize the      space.
              Old table/ turned desk. Stamps tucked neat and tidy in a small storage shelf. I need to find a source for old typewriter ribbon!

      New shoe cubbie from Bed Bath & Beyond, covered in old dictionary pages = fabric storage~
               The window seat that hubby built many moons ago,  The only window in the room meant a need for good artificial lighting.  I was able to keep the little garden poem that so many of you convinced me to save.  Hubby needs to build a chippy white frame around it yet.  
                           I already had so many of the pieces/rug/do-dad's that I used in the room.  It was fun pulling it all together.  
                   Old drafting table.  The  wood on this is so pretty. Durable, useful and utilitarian!

                          I use this Victorian sheet music cabinet for all of my 12 x 12 papers.  It has 6 separate shelves inside.   Perfect fit!
     I fell in love with this old dresser.  Nancy Maxwell James made the storage box on top. Inside I store old velvet leaves. 

 Hubby's Grandfather made this old drawer unit perhaps 50 years ago.  

 Some of the tags I have gotten in tag swaps with online art friends
                          Old books I use in collages, etc.
    My vow is to keep my workspace organized and attractive!!

 Old dog doorstop under a cloche.  I've got a large antique  dog collection.... this is just a sampling.

 One of my favorite purchases for this room is a birdcage shaped photo organizer.  It's large and stores lot's of old photos for later use.  

                     Courtesy of Nancy Maxwell James.  My goal is to get a small collection of art work from online art friends.  
 I found this awesome tutorial online here at Shabby Chic Inspired Blog to make a white desk organizer from tin cans!

            My obsession.... old lace.  And old locker baskets.  

           More old lace.  Can never have too much of a good thing!

            Jewelry organizer for some of my new creations.  
          Vintage Buttons, tart tins and tattered ribbon.  Love the colors!

                    Close up of grandfather-in- laws creation.
I was given this little storage shelf and jars by a good friend.  Perfect for paper flowers and leaves.  


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Absolutely beautiful. The perfect dream creation area. Lucy you, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Can I come and play?

Oh, there are NO words......your new studio is absolutely wonderful. There isn't one thing I don't love!

Congrats on your new will be creating in a truly divine place!

PS...where is the little mouse?

Laurie said...

OMWord, Carol! I LOVE your creative space!!! I'm in AWE!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

I am in love with each and every inch, and envious too. Enjoy your hard work, and create your heart out. Just beautiful...xo

dellerd said...

Oh Carol, what a lovely job you did and putting all those beautiful antiques and collectibles to work for you, fantastic job!!! I love what you have done and so happy you have your beautiful new space to create. Enjoy!!! Thanks for sharing with us.....


Thanks for the tour. What a perfectly wonderful space. I'm so happy for you. Happy Creating!!

whyte said...

Absolutely delightful!! You will have so much fun here! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and your photos; oh my you make me want to get into my studio and start over!

artistamyjo said...

Oh Wow,what an awesome room to create and be you in.
I love every single inch and just know we'll see some wonderful designs coming from this beauty.
So ok............. when can I move in??????????
Big hugs, Amy Jo

Pam said...

Carol! Your room came out beautiful! I love all the special touches you did that spell out "YOU"!! Great job! Oh, and I am coveting that little Jack Russell box that is mixed in with the lace painted cans! :)

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Carol!! OMGoodness!!!! Your studio is BEAUTIFUL! I just love it all so much, I would so love to come and create with you! You have so many wonderfully, unique pieces to store your treasures in too....thank you so much for sharing so many photos ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Miss Sandy said...

Excuse me, must wipe drool off keyboard! Seriously! You have some of the most divine delicious vintage storage pieces I have ever seen. Where do I start? The little drawers with hardware pieces - divine! The birdcage inspiration piece with old photos - LOVE! Yummy vintage spools of lace! All your cabinets and cupboards. I might just have to borrow that awesome tin can idea, adore yours! It is all so wonderful. I know you will spend many happy hours creating in all that beauty.

Thank you for stopping in for a visit and for your sweet comment. So enjoyed your studio tour!

Carole said...

Totally dreamy. I think I'd be happy just living in the corner. You have been a busy bee:)

Robin said...

What a beautiful place to create! All your vintage pieces are absolutely wonderful and that bee on your chair is sweet. Glad you kept the poem too!


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Congrats on your new workroom Carol. It´s so wonderful and with so much space. Filled with wonderful stuff just waiting for future creations. Thanks a sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

ArtSnark said...

Yay - looks like a wonderful place to create! Mind if a share a couple of photos on my blog tomorrow with a link back here? Enjoy your weekend!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Carol,
I love your new studio!! Absolutely beautiful.TFS.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

your space is gorgeous! So many lovely things, beautiful antiques, and wonderful art. I know you will love being upstairs (and out of the basement)! So happy for you! :)

Lynn Stevens said...

My Jaw just hit the floor. Your new studio space is amazing!!! I've gotten so many ideas looking at yours. I so need to pull everything out and redo mine! the wire basket with the spools of going to do that. Love your cabinets too.
No doubt you will be inspired to create in your beautiful new space. Congrats and enjoy!
hugs Lynn

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful spaces I have seen. It must be a dream come true. You storage ideas are absolutely amazing. Love the drafting table and chair...and the bee!

Sandi said...

All the photos wouldn't load for me on my slowwwww internet, but the ones I saw are beautiful!! Great job Carol!!

Rustique Gal said...

What a totally YUMMY studio. I love how you have organized everything, and I love everything I see! You and I have the same taste in things, as my collections look very much like yours, only messy! Joining your blog today, sent by Dawn of the Feathered Nest. Love it!

B. said...

VERY interested in your rubber stamp storage shelf. What specifically did it start out life as? LOVE IT!


盛豐 said...