Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~~I Love a Great Bargain!~~

I can usually go months between finding good deals and steals.  Nothing inspires me more than finding just what I was looking for, at an exceptional price.  Or even better yet, finding something I WASN"T looking for but knew I had to have anyway.  This past week I went to an estate sale and found this length of the prettiest old lace fabric.  There must be around 17  or more feet of this, scalloped on the edges and fringe on the ends.  It would make a perfect shawl if I doubled it, or a swag over a large window.  For now I think I will put it with all of my other vintage white lace I use for displays at my art shows.  

A few days after the estate sale, I went to my favorite neighborhood antique store and found this old typewriter for only $20. I have been wanting one like this for years, but couldn't bring myself to pay the $75 or so they are going for. Too many are being torn apart for use of just the keys. But this one will stay just as it is, and sit on my desk in my "dog room".

Also at the same antique shop was this adroable (and heavy) metal dog figure. He looks perfect on my shelf in the dog room, which I wrote about just below. What great deals, and I had to share!


ArtSnark said...

fabulous finds! lucky you

Kathy said...

Great finds Carol. I have a typewriter like this, but many keys have been broken off. I still like it. I was going to use they keys, but they are soooo hard to remove. So I figure I will love it as is, broken yet dislayed. Aren't they heavy?

Barbara Jean said...

WOW! You find the best stuff!!
That lace, what a deal.


barbara jean