Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet The Poets Daughter

About a week ago I recieved a friendly note from a fellow Etsian who introduced herself as a neighbor of mine, here in Michigan. I decided to get to know her a little and I am really glad I did. She has admired my work from afar for sometime,and I had hers, as well. We decided to meet up in person and I feel we have found a bond with each other, through our similar interests and tastes, our endeavors and challenges. Please meet Erin of The Poets Daughter from Etsy ( ).
Erin first please tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies and passions, how long you have been at Etsy, etc.~ Like a well-loved quilt, the story of "the Poet's Daughter" is colorful and intricate :) Originally, the Poet's Daughter was just me, Erin, the oldest of three sisters. I had sold items on Ebay as merryoldemoon for years, and after learning about Etsy, I opened a shop in September of 2008. Meanwhile, my sister Kristin had been selling on eBay since 2005. She is a scrapbook artist, "queennostalgia", who also dabbles in mixed media and altered art. Her work is known for including whimsical touches and vintage finds, along with an olde fashioned feel. Earlier this year we started creating art together, sharing a studio. I have two teenagers, she has twin three-year-olds, and we have three cats between us, but even in this chaos we find our combined creativity. Now my etsy store, "The Poet's Daughter", features unique items that we have created together. I do most of the sewing and hand-stitching, she like so play with the clay, ...between the two of us, we have created a nostalgic mercantile, filled with vintage pretties and unique supplies for fellow artists.
What inspired and motivated you to create the items you do, and how long have you been doing this style?~ We have always been captivated with treasures from the past, even as children. We loved looking through Grandma's old photographs, and loved nothing more passing a rainy day pouring over her tattered collection Good Housekeeping and Farmer's Almanac. We loved the quaint advertisements and illustrations. As I got older, my love of all things old grew, and so did my collection of antiques and vintage curiosities. We have always been "crafters". We made clothes for our cats when we were big enough to glue fabric and ribbon, would create floral arrangements featuring lilacs for the bus driver, and would decorate our rooms with treasures from flea markets and Grandma's attic. We are both inspired by the romance of vintage things. There is a mystery in each smile captured in sepia, a nostalgia with letters written by lovers long gone...
What are your short term goals? And your long range forecast? In other words, what would you most like to accomplish either in the near or distant future?~ I would have to have you come visit our studio to see our to do list! We have a business meeting every other day and have an on-going list on a floor to ceiling white board where we jot down our tasks, goals, and ideas and inspirations. Short term, we are trying to promote our store by pursuing venues both on and offline. From selling at Local Farmer's Markets and Art shows to having online stores like Etsy and my store on the Early Work Mercantile ( )Long term? We would love to create a line of mixed media products or supplies, like stamps or a scrapbook paper line... We love to dream, and do daily!
What lately has absolutely made your day, inspired you to keep going down this avenue, and convinced yourself that someone out there really appreciates your work?~ We were at the Breckenridge Primitives and Folk Art show in February, and a lady came up to me, breathless, and asked me if I was the Poet's Daughter. She had recognized my "look" from shopping at Etsy, and couldn't believe she found me "in person". I felt like a celebrity! It was inspiring to know that I have created a look that is recognizable.
Could you give us an idea of a quote or a word that you always hold true to? Something you firmly believe in?~ "Why walk when you can fly..." a lyric from one of our favorite singer songwriters, Mary Chapin Carpenter. ~
Please visit Erin and Kristin's Etsy store for a truly wonderful treat. They will be sure and become one of your favorites!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Thank you for sharing. Isn't it just so nice meeting up with someone that you have so much in common! Happy Weekend.

Barb said...

Hi Carol,
I so enjoyed reading this post and "visiting" the Etsy store of Erin & Kristin. Thanks for sharing.
Wishin' you a happy week-end.

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

They are already a favorite of mine, I love the piece I purchased from Poet's daughter last year. Truly wonderful!
Thanks for sharing the story.

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Thank you so much for the interview, Carol! We are so flattered :)