Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~~ I Stepped, No, LEAPED Outside of The Box~~

I've always admired the work of Nancy Lefko.... the color cominations, use of words and images, and her backgrounds!  Her backgrounds are fascinating, so much depth, detail and texture.  Recently I decided to take her workshop over at Creative Workshops and I plunged right in and completed my project all in one day.  I cannot wait to get started on another canvas. Nancy, Thank you, from a long time admirer~!  Please anyone if you are looking to improve on collage techniques, learn something new, or want to add some interest to your backgrounds, I urge you to follow the links above, treat yourself to Nancy's class, and ENJOY~~!



Gorgeous work, Carol. And thanks for all of your kind words...they are MUCH appreciated!! Make sure to post your finished product at the Creative Workshops photo page!! You've made my heart smile BIG!!!!

Robin said...

You completed this gorgeous piece in just one day???? Incredible!! The textures in your piece are awesome as is your background.


ArtSnark said...

this came out fantastic!

Kathy said...

I know that dragonfly!!!!! lol
Fabulous Carol, Nancy's class is so much fun...I learned so much...and use that knowledge a lot. I hope to take more classes...I really wanted to take Nelly's, but PP didn't seem to get enough money....poo.
Have fun playing, and I miss you too. xo

Barb said...

Oh my, what a gougeous creation!!
Luv your new blog header too. Ü
Barb in chilly Texas