Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tragedy in the Etsy Community

The Etsy forum community can be a wonderful place to learn tips and techniques,  vent about site issues, make art friends, and just talk about life in general.  Sadly someone who has been very helpful and active in the community of the Etsy world has suffered a loss that most of us can only imagine, but hate to even think of.  A house fire has claimed not only the lives of numerous pets, but it took the life of her young 11 year old son as well.   Also, an art friend of mine at Etsy has a real life friend who experienced a home fire which also took the life of her teenaged daughter, just this past week. My 20 yr old son recently graduated from firefighting academy, and just 2 nights ago  fought a large house blaze that also claimed the life of many animals,  but fortunately, no people. Stories like that make one wonder how someone can even pick up and carry on after a tragedy of that magnitude.    Please keep thoughts of those who are going through times that must feel like a bottomless pit of sadness, such as those mentioned above.

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artistamyjo said...

What a terrible tragedy ,one can not imagine the awful loss and pain.
I read the new article from your Blog and hope others will as well.
If you don't have a smoke detector,get one and if you do have one, PLEASE check it to make sure it's working.
Prayers to all....