Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some New Old Transferware in My Collection

I've been busy adding more antique transferware to my collection recently, and thanks to Nancy over at her EnglishTransferware Etsy shop  I have been getting exactly what I was looking for.  I've never been one to look for perfection.  Nothing new looking will do, so I asked Nancy if she had any yellowed, aged looking pieces complete with crazing and an occasional crack for me in her huge collection to sell.  She came up with some beauties, and now my collection is worth showing off!  Nancy's blog is amazing.... she has thousands of pieces in her home and her knowledge makes me realize that the more I learn about transferware, the less I realize I know!  I'm attracted to browns and purples, mainly from the Aesthetic movement.  But an occasional romantic or historical piece just makes me want to walk into that plate and live there.  Thank you for letting me show off for a minute! 

                           Love the shades of rich purples in these plates against the wallpaper...

                          Of course anything old with animals of any kind are an addiction for me

This Shakespeare plate below has the birthplace of not only Shakespeare, but of his wife, Anne Hathaway.  I was shocked to see that the manufacturer (W.H. Grindley & Tunstall) spelled her name incorrectly .... it says "Ann" rather than "Anne".  Nowhere can I find anything about this flaw online, I'd love to know more about it.

                                                            I want to live in this plate~~



artistamyjo said...

What a wonderful collection, they are all beautiful.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Your collection is certainly worth showing off! I love the browns and reds too. Dawn

ArtSnark said...

wonderful selection! You would have loved the big antique shop I used to work in - full of trasferware. I look forward to checking out that blog & shop and investigating your mystery

FredaB said...

this is certainly a great collection. I have the pink or sometimes called red and white. I love it but I saw a beautiful purple plate today and now I see how you have mixed yours so beautifully.

I should have bought it.



Nancy said...


It all looks stunning! I like the wallpaper even more than I thought I would...and I knew I would! ;-) It's really beautiful.
I'm glad you liked the extra plate I sent and that it works with everything else you have going on. I really like the mix of aesthetic pieces and the romantic patterns too.
I see you got that pitcher after all! ;-)
Is that an antique mantle or sideboard piece? It's really beautiful.
I'm so glad I got to see this.
Thank you for mentioning and linking to me, and for the kind comments.


p/s I feel exactly the way you do about so many of these patterns and scenes...I have even summed it up the same way before saying "I want to move in here". That purple manor plate really beckons that feeling!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is such a gorgeous collection! Love all your vintage treasures! the wallpaper in your home is fabulous! :)