Friday, December 4, 2009

~~When Reindeer Fly~~

There is something so majestic and mysterious about reindeer.  Almost as if they are a mythical creature, but they are not.  I have alwayas loved reindeer, both real and pictures of them in old books or old figurines. About 5 years ago I stumbled upon the deal of a lifeteme ( do you ever have one of those deals that you continue to be shocked about even several years later?!?) at Ebay...... a lot of 17 vintage reindeer, some made of celluloid, some meant to be in a set complete with a harness, some to hang on the tree. Many were that soft aged white that I love so much, or the soft gleamy silver.  2 were rather large, around 10 inches and made of the richest color of gold.  17 reindeer in all, for just a little over $20.  Here are a few of that wonderful find..... which continues to be some of my favorite things!!



Brenda said...

Your blog looks so festive!! Your reindeer collection definatly was an awesome find on ebay!!
I also have a love and collection of snowflakes that has been growing in the last few years. Most of them have been added in the last 5 or 6 years since we moved from NE Michigan to S.Indiana. We don't get much snow down here (maybe 4 inches last year), and it never really feels like Christmas to us. So the first year we lived here I had my daughter who was in elementary school at the time help me make snowflake cut outs out of coffee filters and we taped them all to the windows lol. The last few years I have been crotcheting snowflakes for the Christmas tree.
I will have to get back on the ball and check out everyones blogs daily. I am loving your favorite things :)


Wow lovely reindeer collection, what a great find!
I love deer, they are very much like a horse in that they are a flight animal, and can actually be trained similiar to a horse. Getting side tracked here, beautiful pictures, one of my favorites too! Love the white one. the other Carol

Kathy said...

Be still my heart with the white favorite! That was indeed a good deal!